A fresh take on fresh food.

InGrown is a revolutionary alternative to how consumers traditionally purchase produce. Founded on the belief that consumers should know where their food is coming from and how it’s grown, InGrown is breaking barriers to build transparency while supplying affordable produce to help improve the overall health and wellness of today’s communities. Leveraging specialized technology along with a unique structure of in-house systems, InGrown offers customers the transparency they deserve around the food they digest. In response to social distance regulations, there’s been a growing emphasis on contact-free shopping and delivery. To align with this shift throughout the global market, we’ve developed a revolutionary model that offers farmers and consumers an opportunity to build a symbiotic relationship within a unique environment..InGrown helps to facilitate the relationship between farm and the consumer’s table. Through our Virtual Farmers Market, customers can enjoy fresh, nutritional produce by way of 300 partnering container farms operating within the InGrown network. Helping to further reduce our consumer’s carbon footprint, customers can look forward to fresh food of the highest quality conveniently delivered straight to their front door by FedEx.


How Does It Work?

Joining our Virtual Farmers Market as a partnering container farm has never been easier. With access to a network boasting over 300 resellers, reach dinner tables across the country with farm fresh-food that families can trust.


The simple process begins with a customer placing an order through one of our distribution channels, which currently consists of Walmart, Amazon and over 150,000 independent resellers. Once accepted, its automatically sent to our team at InGrown who communicates relevant information to a partnering farm with available inventory. Once the container farm confirms the order, our team arranges a pickup with InGrown’s official courier service, FedEx. By doing our part to make packaging and shipping even easier for farmers, we can ensure orders are delivered fresh and in a timely manner. If an order needs to be refrigerated, FedEx will transport the item in the appropriate packaging and cooling pack to maintain proper temperature during transport and at the time of arrival. As a result, produce arrives fresh and on time for a very happy customer.


Why Should You Use Us?

InGrown is revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain by facilitating farm-to-table delivery that offers consumers quality freshness, value and transparency that they deserve. Free of any hidden clauses or large transaction fees, partners in our Virtual Farmers Market network can now reach families across the country with fresh produce they can enjoy. To make the process even easier, InGrown will provide a backend management system for all container farms that operate within our Virtual Farmers Market. Aimed to offer our partners a greater sense of autonomy, farms can accept or decline orders, manage inventory, and receive a revenue report, and payment. At InGrown, we’re committed to supplying partners with a level of service and satisfaction that they deserve. As an integral part of our network, our Virtual Farmers Market community is helping to shift the agricultural paradigm and replace it with one that prioritizes the health, wellness and trust of our valued customers and their families.