The Future Of InGrown 

InGrown is an agricultural initiative disrupting major produce markets by aligning in house growing techniques to meet consumer needs for quality fruits and vegetables that are guaranteed fresh.


How It Works

In an effort to shift the agricultural paradigm, InGrown relies on a series of patented systems to improve the way in which customers traditionally purchase produce. Leveraging renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint, all produce is grown in house to reduce consumer cost and eliminate the need for conventional shipping. Once crops arrive at the facility, they’re transferred to a designated grow room equipped with specialized lights that optimize growth and wellness. To filter water and ensure purity, crops are exposed to unique hydrotherapy methods that rival traditional approaches implemented by large grocery supply chains. With an emphasis on consumer transparency and education, customers will have unrestricted access to information detailing the plant they’re eating, and how it was grown.


Mobile & Portable Farms 

Start your mobile farm With a versatile develop room you get the advantages of a fixed develop space with less of the expense. GrowBox holders empower a quick and effective approach to dispatch or extend your activity. Our turn-key completely operational and mechanized arrangements streamline the beginning up procedure to create income in as meager time as could reasonably be expected.