A fresh take on fresh food. InGrown is a revolutionary alternative to how consumers traditionally purchase produce. Founded on the belief that people should know where their food is coming from and how it’s grown, InGrown is breaking barriers to build transparency while supplying affordable produce to help improve the overall health and wellness of today’s communities. Leveraging specialized technology along with a unique structure of in-house systems, InGrown offers customers the transparency they deserve around the food they digest.


Why InGrown?

Vital to our overall health and wellness, our bodies depend on fruits and vegetables to deliver the essential nutrients we need to maintain a healthy diet. However, due to the enormous economic gains brought about by mass cultivation, most produce is significantly impacted prior to even arriving at the store. Combined with lengthy duration in storage, fruits and vegetables are often soaked in harsh chemicals like chlorine and other preservatives to manipulate their natural lifecycle. Unfortunately, consumers are limited to information that offers them the insight and protection they need to understand what they’re feeding themselves as well as their families.


InGrown is committed to offering consumers fresh produce that’s safely grown in-house using environmentally friendly practices. Leveraging sophisticated technology to promote quality and freshness, each legume meets standards of the highest quality to ensure optimal nutrition and value. With an emphasis on the wellbeing of the community and the environment, customers will have unrestricted access to detailed information around the process and plant that they’re purchasing.


Combining transparency with quality, InGrown operates by prioritizing consumer health, environmental sustainability and education in an effort to revolutionize farm to table consumerism for generations to come.